Key Brands Logo ImagesKey Brands successfully supply food, beverage, personal Hygiene and non food products around the globe to ships chandlers, cruise companies and supply ship operators.

Our success has come from our ability to consistently provide a first class service; competitive pricing and customer focused operating procedures.

We purchase direct from the UK and other countries around the world enabling us to provide an extensive product range that gives access to not only UK produced goods such as UK chocolate but also products specifically designed for certain markets as tastes and recipes vary throughout the world.

We also offer dietary and ethnic products such as:
Gluten Free

As we source the products direct from the manufacturer it assures you the customer of the legitimacy and freshness of the goods. We actively work with the brand producers to eradicate counterfeit, potentially harmful products that could have significant implications if your client or staff were to fall ill due to sickness or worse.
We can supply either directly to quay side or a central location and can work with you should you wish to discuss transport alternatives. Ultimately our aim is to achieve a smooth and effective delivery strategy.

To discuss your initial requirements please contact our ship supplies team at the following email address: